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About Us

Freedive Fiji has come together combining the oldest tradition in the country with techniques and technology of modern day fishing, opening the doors to a haven of unspoiled territory right at our doorstep. We strive to create the ultimate adventure experience for our customers while maintaining environmental sustainability by being actively involved in both community and environmental projects for protection and sustainable growth.

Freedive Fiji is more than just a regular charter operator. In addition to providing our guests with the very highest standards of service, we aim to make our trips educational, informative and fun. Our mission to focus on social and ethical responsibilities in our community is maintained by building lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and partners in the travel industry. Our guides have over 15 years experience so you can relax knowing that all your needs will be exceeded, your charter will run smoothly, and that the instruction from the training arm of Freedive Fiji is second to none.

Freedive Fiji Charters is headquartered in Pacific Harbour, the "adventure capital of Fiji" which offers numerous adventure excursions including shark diving, ziplining, jet skiing, surfing, deep sea fishing, and now spearfishing!
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