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Dive Locations


Beqa (pronounced benga) lies 7.5 km south of Pacific Harbour, Freedive Fiji’s headquarters on the Fiji main island of Viti Levu, and is separated by a 260 m deep marine passage. With a barrier reef system running 68km around the island gives the diver access to great hunting grounds in all sea and weather conditions. Inside the Lagoon is a maze of reefs jumping up out of the depths providing excellent structure for GT’s, Mackeral, Tuna and a wide range of reef species.


Located along the southwestern side of the main island and running into the Beqa Passage, this area is close by and recognized for its deep water and strong currents. The area has 2 subsurface FADS and a great place to check out on every dive trip.


Vatulele is an island situated 56km west of Pacific Harbour and lies in line with two major current systems giving it an excellent reputation for producing big blue water gamefish. Eight miles from the tip of Vatulele lies a bluewater hunter’s dream rising up from 2000m is an atoll nicknamed “The Take Out Shop”. During the winter months this area is home for massive schools of Wahoo and Tuna , a must see for the serious bluewater hunter.


Kadavu Island is located 120km south from Freedive Fiji headquarters on the main island of Viti Levu and is known worldwide for its unspoiled fishery. From Kadavu the “Great Astrolabe Reef” is only minutes away and stretches for 45km. The reef extends along the north eastern and east southern coast of Kadavu and Ono Island. To have Sailfish and Blue Marlin fighting over your lure or Dogtooth Tuna taking Spanish Mackeral from your spear needs to be seen to be believed. This place is truly amazing with mind-blowing Spear and Game fishing all year round. Kadavu has earned respect from the world’s most dedicated blue water hunters.
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